Should you take the cash or the investments during your divorce?

Unless you signed a prenup, you’re entitled to a share of your estranged spouse’s assets when you file for divorce in Kentucky. If you’re dealing with assets that are hard to divide, like stock market investments, your estranged spouse might offer a cash payment instead. Should you take the cash or demand a share of their investments?

Which is better: cash or investments?

Investments can be difficult to value during a high-asset divorce. Before you do anything else, ask your attorney about hiring a third party to value your estranged spouse’s investments. This could give you a better idea of whether the investments will pay off in the long run.

It’s difficult to predict how investments will perform in the coming years. However, if the third party thinks they have the potential for major profits, you might want to take a share of the investments. A small investment today might be worth much more in a few years. If you don’t take the investments now, you could regret it later on.

However, there’s no guarantee that your estranged spouse’s investments will make a profit. If the price drops in the next few years, you could end up with nothing when you could have had a cash payout. You might want to take the cash if you’d rather have a certain payout now than a potential payout in the future. Getting cash now could also help you adjust to financial challenges after your divorce.

Ultimately, choosing between cash and investments is a personal decision. If you talk to financial experts about the situation, they might help you make a wise decision. Don’t take your estranged spouse’s word on anything because they might be devaluing their assets or hiding investments from you.

What may an attorney do for you?

You can’t get a fair share of the assets if you don’t have a clear picture of your spouse’s assets in the first place. An attorney may help you gather information and keep your estranged spouse from hiding anything from you. They might also help you value the assets and figure out what you should accept during the divorce process.