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If you’ve been charged with a drug crime in Kentucky, your best move is to work with a skilled Louisville drug lawyer from Pharr Law Group who will protect your rights and give you the most effective legal defense possible. Drug charges can be complex and confusing. A Louisville drug attorney from our firm will look at all the facts in your case and lay out the most effective legal response for your unique situation.

Louisville And Northern Kentucky’s Top Drug Crimes Attorneys

The stakes in drug crimes can be very high — the penalties range from small fines to years in prison. Every experienced Pharr Law Group drug lawyer in Louisville has a reputation for success in defending against drug arrests, and we’re here to help you navigate the complex and confusing drug laws of Kentucky. We have the resources necessary to perform thorough investigations and analyze any relevant case law that could mean the difference between you winning or losing your case.

Being arrested for a drug crime doesn’t have to mean an automatic penalty like jail time. Many people have been arrested for possession of an illegal substance without even knowing it was there. A Louisville drug lawyer from our office can help in innocent situations like this or even more serious and suspicious-looking arrests. We’ve been successful in defending cases of:

  • Possession with intent to sell
  • Maintaining a dwelling for drug-related activities
  • Drug trafficking
  • Manufacturing illegal substances
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia

Don’t risk your future. Hire a respected Louisville drug attorney to handle your case personally from beginning to end. We’ll fight to protect your rights and your freedom. Call us today to talk to a drug lawyer about your case or to set up a meeting. We are conveniently located in Louisville, serve clients throughout Northern Kentucky, and offer flexible appointments to meet your schedule.

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“Sean Pharr is very straight forward, and he tries his best every time with all his power. If he says he will get the job done, then it’s done. No matter what the case, he will be on your side. I was charged with very serious felony drug trafficking offenses facing years in prison. Sean got me out of it with a $25 fine!” – Skender Fazlijii

“Sean Pharr handled my complex case masterfully! With multiple felonious charges and a lengthy criminal history, I was certain I was headed to prison. With Sean’s expertise, knowledge, and dedication I was able to put all this behind me and get my life back. He returned phone calls promptly and always took the time to answer any questions I ever had.” – Heather Baxter

“Sean Pharr is by far the friendliest and most professional lawyer that I have ever came in contact with. I called Sean for a friend of mine who had about 6 warrants in 2 different counties and was on probation. He definitely went above and beyond for me and my friend, which is back with his family and friends! If you need a good lawyer, Sean Pharr is definitely who you need to call!” – Jessica Nuckles

“Involved in a serious car accident on my way through Kentucky, wound up with unnecessary charges and spent four days in jail. Sean examined my case and was there for my court date via video arraignment. He got me bailed out and the charges dropped to what they should have been. He stayed in touch with me the whole time to reassure me as to how things would, should and could go.” – Sam K.