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An experienced Louisville warrants attorney from Pharr Law Group is always just a quick phone call away. We understand how shocking and scary it is to be served with an arrest warrant at your home or even where you work. Which is why your first action after you’re served should be to contact us for a Louisville warrant lawyer you can trust.

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Many times, people don’t even know that a warrant has been issued for their arrest until the police show up at their front door or office to take them into custody. And warrants don’t usually have an expiration date, so they can be active for years before you’re served. If you believe an arrest warrant has been issued for you, a Louisville warrant lawyer from our firm can find out for you to help avoid an embarrassing public situation for you and give you peace of mind.

If an arrest warrant for you does exist, please do not ignore it. It won’t go away. You’ll need a qualified Louisville warrants lawyer from Pharr Law Group on your side to challenge the warrant and defend you if the warrant turns out to be valid.

We have extensive successful experience both in challenging arrest warrants and settling the issues that originally led to the warrants being issued before the person could be arrested. Also, many warrants are issued in error based on false information and can be handled before they’re served. There are many ways to defend against warrants so that you’re never arrested and taken into custody. Let a Pharr Law Group warrants attorney protect you and your legal rights. Call us today to talk about your case or to set up a meeting. We are conveniently located in Louisville, serve clients throughout Northern Kentucky, and offer flexible appointments to meet your schedule.

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“I got myself into an unfortunate situation and was new to the Louisville area. Pharr Law Group contacted me almost immediately after I submitted my information and helped to put me at ease. Sean was great to work with, easy to talk to, and was extremely reassuring and understanding in this stressful situation. I am very pleased with the outcome I received and cannot recommend them enough!” – Sarah H.

“Sean really gets down for his clients. Always answered the phone, or called me back promptly. If you happen to murder someone in broad daylight, on the courthouse steps, with a 100 witnesses and still want to go home, then you might want to have this guy’s number in your back pocket. Best Lawyer I’ve ever had!” – Jason Maniloff

“I was accused of felony child abuse and assault and there was an extensive investigation which took course of many months. The jury selection showed odds stacked against, but Sean tried to explain to me that he was a good trial lawyer. I received a not guilty on all counts… all thanks to the wonderful and amazing Sean Pharr. I will never be able to thank him enough for what he has truly done for me and my family.” – Eddie Paulin

“Sean Pharr was phenomenal in court. He was compassionate in the courtroom and with the family. We are forever grateful that my husband walked out of that courtroom today. We were facing a very difficult prosecutor and my husband was facing 7 years penitentiary time. If you need someone and are serious about your case please contact them!” – Brittiany Collier