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Whether you have a criminal defense or family law matter, put your trust in a criminal defense or divorce attorney at the Boone County firm of Pharr Law Group. In fact, it doesn’t matter where you’re looking for expert legal help in Kentucky — you can rely on our local legal professionals with a proven record of winning cases in courts all throughout the Commonwealth.
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Top Boone County Criminal Defense Lawyers

Criminal defense, including DUI and DWI, is one of our areas of legal expertise. Since the potential sentences in criminal defense cases can be extremely harsh, it’s important that you work with the best Boone County criminal defense attorneys. Criminal defense matters are too serious to risk representing yourself or hiring the wrong lawyer. And if you’re charged with a DUI or DWI in Boone County, contact a DUI attorney from Pharr Law Group right away. We’ll help ensure your legal rights are preserved so that you have the best chance of winning your case.

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Respected Boone County Divorce and Family Lawyers

Divorce, along with other family law matters, is another legal specialty for the attorneys at Pharr Law Group. If you need help with a divorce or another kind of family law matter, don’t take any legal action yourself. Instead, call a Boone County divorce attorney or family lawyer from Pharr Law Group. We’ll protect your rights so you keep any legal advantage you may have in the case.

When you need a Boone County criminal defense attorney or divorce lawyer, there are many options, but Pharr Law Group should be your choice for first-class legal representation. Our combination of experience, size, and track record of results makes us a perfect fit for both criminal defense and divorce clients.

Pharr Law Group clients can rest easy knowing our respected partners will personally handle your case, giving you the focus and service you’re entitled to. As opposed to big corporate firms, our lawyers and staff don’t recognize you simply by case number. Every one of our clients, and their cases, is given the individual attention they deserve.

Once your case is taken by our firm, we’re “in it to win it.” All of our extensive legal resources will be utilized to help win your case. You can rely on the successful reputation of Pharr Law Group.

Our successful reputation also carries weight in courts all over the Commonwealth. If a court outside Boone County is trying your case, our legal experts will help you win anywhere in Kentucky. Wherever or whenever you need family law or criminal defense help, we’re here for you.

Call us today to speak directly with the best Boone County criminal defense attorney or divorce lawyer about your case or to set up a meeting. We’re conveniently located in Louisville, Kentucky, and offer flexible appointments to meet your schedule.

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“I got myself into an unfortunate situation and was new to the Louisville area. Pharr Law Group contacted me almost immediately after I submitted my information and helped to put me at ease. Sean was great to work with, easy to talk to, and was extremely reassuring and understanding in this stressful situation. I am very pleased with the outcome I received and cannot recommend them enough!” – Sarah H.

“Sean Pharr is an excellent lawyer. He puts his heart and soul in his work. Sean is my lawyer for life. I cannot say enough good things about him. He goes above and beyond! Thanks Sean!” – Rebecca Mcintyre

“I was recommended to Sean Pharr by a friend. I had 4 charges against me and Sean got them dismissed, just like that! He kept in contact with me after every court date and let me know what was going on. Not only is he a very good attorney, he is very down to earth and wants the best for his clients. – Autumn Thomas

“Sean Pharr is by far the friendliest and most professional lawyer that I have ever came in contact with. I called Sean for a friend of mine who had about 6 warrants in 2 different counties and was on probation. He definitely went above and beyond for me and my friend, which is back with his family and friends! If you need a good lawyer, Sean Pharr is definitely who you need to call!” – Jessica Nuckles

Family Law

Family Law

Child Custody

The emotional nature of child custody cases can affect both parents and children. We’re careful to balance the goal of getting the best results for our client with making sure the child is unharmed.


All divorce cases are sensitive, and we know how to handle them correctly. We’ve seen every divorce situation imaginable and are well-versed in looking after our clients’ best interests first.

Child Support

Child support decisions are supposed to be equitable for everyone, but that doesn’t always happen. Fathers often get the short end of the stick. We’ll protect both your and your child’s rights.

Protective Orders

When it comes to Emergency Protective Orders (EPOs), Domestic Violence Orders (DVOs), and Interpersonal Protective Orders (IPOs), our attorneys will give you the legal advice you need.

Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense


While many firms have little to no experience in appeals cases, our attorneys have successfully represented civil plaintiffs and civil and criminal defendants at both the state and federal levels.

Drug Crimes

If you’re arrested for a crime related to drugs, jail time isn’t necessarily automatic. We’ve helped clients who were wrongfully prosecuted for illegal substances beat the wrap and clear their names.


Our DUI lawyers are extremely successful at helping our clients win their cases and keep their licenses when they’ve been arrested for a DUI (driving under the influence). We can help you too.



Mistakes happen, but you shouldn’t have to pay for them forever. If your mistake results in a criminal record, we may be able to clear that record so you can get on with your life and follow your dreams.

Federal Defense

Defendants, witnesses, and targets of investigation in federal crimes cases can have their lives affected for years because the federal government has practically limitless resources to drag them out.

Gun Crimes

The public is pushing for more and stricter gun laws in response to the rise in acts of violence involving firearms. If you’re charged with a gun crime, take it seriously and hire an expert.

Sex Crimes

The stigma associated with being charged with a sex crime requires a special set of legal skills to handle the matter confidentially and successfully so that your reputation is protected.

Traffic Offenses

Getting charged with a traffic offense can be serious and require a court appearance. If so, you definitely want an experienced lawyer on your side to help navigate Kentucky’s traffic court system.

Violent Crimes

For those facing the seriousness of violent crimes charges, it’s crucial to be represented by legal professionals with the best investigators who’ll find the evidence that could mean all the difference.


More often than you would think, a warrant has been issued, and the person didn’t know about it until the police showed up to arrest them. We can help you avoid these embarrassing situations.

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Our team’s work is well respected by our clients, colleagues, and adversaries alike. Whether evidenced by invitations to lecture on the law, numerous professional awards or our glowing client testimonials, your faith in us is founded upon the confidence of many others before you.


Our team’s collaborative approach, use of efficiency creating technologies, and membership within an elite network of professionals give us the capacity to tackle all of your legal issues, no matter the complexity.


Pharr Law Group consistently delivers top outcomes for our clients. With the bar set high in every single case, our success is driven as much by our immense personal pride in our work as it is by our clients’ expectations.

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When you work with us, you’re working directly with respected partners in the firm. There’s no handing off of your case to an inexperienced associate or paralegal. Unlike most other firms, our partners work all our cases personally, so you get the responsive service you deserve. Plus, we also have access to every resource necessary to gather evidence, review legal documents, devise strategies, and properly defend your legal matter.

We take immense pride in the positive results we’ve helped achieve for our clients. Once we begin working for a client, we’re “in it to win it.” We’ll do everything legally possible to win the case or have it dismissed in court. Whatever kind of legal help you need, Pharr Law Group has a track record of success you can rely on.

Call us today to talk directly with an elite local attorney about your case or to set up a meeting. We are conveniently located in Louisville, Kentucky, and offer flexible appointments to meet your schedule.