Properly preparing for a child custody hearing

Child custody negotiations and hearings need not be combative. Often, Kentucky parents may work out an arrangement that benefits them and the children. However, disagreements might exist, adding time and stress to the final decision process. Even when both parties agree, a judge must approve it. If no agreement has been reached, parents headed into a child custody hearing should prepare themselves as best as possible. Otherwise, the process could become more mentally and financially challenging.

Submitting evidence to the court

Spouses should expect to present documents and evidence during negotiations and proceedings. Anyone asking for a specific amount of child support likely must provide the court with financial documents showing income and expenses. Similarly, someone arguing the requested child support amount would cause financial hardships may need to provide proof of costs.

Expect to present other documents, such as evidence pertaining to the parent-child relationship. Records of phone calls and text messages may reveal how strong the relationship is. Proof of previous child support payments might be necessary to show a parent’s commitment to the young one’s well-being.

Preparing for a child custody hearing

Preparing for the child custody hearing may involve brushing up on the basics. Proper behavior might mean a lot when involved in a hearing, so understanding courtroom etiquette may be helpful. So could familiarizing oneself with state law and what a custody hearing involves. A lack of knowledge may cause problems for someone already worried about the proceedings.

Etiquette may extend to how someone dresses in court. Presentation counts, and a parent needs to show he or she takes the hearing seriously. Ultimately, parents might find it worthwhile to only do things that help their cause.