What a good co-parenting plan needs

Child custody in Kentucky is less confusing when both parents agree to specific clauses and predetermined steps. Having order in place makes decisions easier and conflicts simpler to manage. You want to create a binding agreement that abides by local laws and empowers you through such.

Your living status

Being granted equal time, authority, and responsibility for your children are better than an opposing court ruling. As long as you both can agree, the conditions of your co-parenting plan can be amended. Keep in mind that co-parenting is allowed by a court but is dictated by both of you. You can have a court make a final decision on custody and visitation schedules. However, making these decisions between the two of you is ideal for you and why revisions are legally allowed.

Custody schedules and clauses

Your routine schedule for custody, be it weekly or bi-weekly, is stated in your co-parenting plan. You have a number of visit types that can be stated in a contractual way. Such clauses give you the chance to spell out how special occasions get managed, like birthdays and holidays.

Medical needs being accounted for

The general care of your children is important and can, when you both agree, be the responsibility of a single parent. Making visits to the doctor, for example, might be more financially convenient for you. In such a case, you might even agree to take care of all of the medical, therapeutic and even schooling needs as part of your child custody.

Child custody in Kentucky

Overall, your concern should be on how you’ll handle future disputes. No one can say that disagreements won’t arise, so parents must decide on how disputes will get handled. Making those steps binding ensures your likelihood of living up to your word.