Possibilities for handling long-distance child custody arrangements

Finding a child custody plan that is in your kids’ best interests and works for both you and your ex can be complicated. Add in a long-distance move by one parent, and the task becomes even more challenging. But parents in the Louisville area can still work together to create a realistic and sustainable schedule that also meets their children’s emotional needs — even if you live hundreds or thousands of miles apart.

Sharing custody for parents who live in the same city or metro area typically involves the children spending certain parts of the week at each parent’s home. For example, they might spend Monday through Thursday evening at one parent’s house, then Thursday evening through Sunday evening at the other’s.

Creativity makes long-distance shared custody possible

But for parents who live far apart, an arrangement like this is not practical, especially when the children are in school. So you might have to get creative. Part of this could involve spending most of the year with one parent and spending longer periods with the other parents. The children could spend part of the summer and spring break with the distant parent, along with some of the holidays.

You and your co-parent must agree on how to pay for the child’s transportation costs to avoid mixups and arguments in the future. Also, be aware that airlines generally will not let a child under age 5 fly by themselves. If your kids must fly, you or another adult will have to accompany them. On the other hand, if you and your ex live fairly close together, both of you could drive to the halfway point and handle the child transfer.

Sharing custody when your co-parent lives out of state can be challenging, but with respect and planning, it can be done.