Kentucky ranks 5th nationwide in divorce rate

If you live in Louisville or anywhere in northern Kentucky, chances are good that you know somebody who has gotten divorced. In fact, the commonwealth’s population has one of the highest divorce rates in the country, according to a recent study by Forbes Advisor. The survey found that Kentucky’s current divorce rate is the fifth-highest of all U.S. states.

Kentucky’s divorce landscape

Data from 2022 reveals that 12.6 percent of the adult population had been divorced at least once. Only Wyoming (13.3 percent), West Virginia (13.2 percent), New Mexico (12.9 percent) and Arkansas (12.9 percent) had higher divorce rates.

And many of those who are currently married will not be for long. Per 1,000 married women in Kentucky, 19.52% were divorcing in 2022.

Why do so many Kentuckians get divorced?

There are probably several reasons for Kentucky’s high divorce rate. One factor could be its marriage rate. When an unmarried couple separates, they do not need a divorce. States like California (8.8 percent divorce rate) and New York (9 percent) that have the lowest divorce rates in the country likely do not have some magic formula for making marriages work. They could simply have more couples who never got legally married before breaking up.

Seeking guidance

For parents in northern Kentucky considering divorce, it’s crucial to understand the implications fully. Consulting with a divorce attorney can provide valuable insights into financial and parental rights and set realistic expectations for the process. This professional guidance can be vital in helping you make the most of your divorce by helping you make informed decisions for your and your children’s future.